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  • hello

    i v got banned in d-dust 2 server .

    i don't know why the admin thought that i am cheating . i saw some players said to admin to ban me

    and i didn't find any screenshot in my folders . plz KingHa take a look at it . i never use hack i am clean. thank you .

    BUILD 1851 SERVER (0 CRC)
    Server # 50
    Server tried to send invalid command:"echo [AMXBans] Reason: 'POST DEMO IN GRP'
    "[AMXBans] ======================
    you really banned me man for no reason and u cursed at me too u take it so far child
    i told u earlier it's just a game bro u made it like LIFE depend on you AND UR ADMINSHIP in this server you take advantage over people bannin everyone
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