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    please un banned me

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    Admin Application

    ok accepted send me Steam Id and setinfo pw
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    [INFO] Ban Appeal Guidelines

    If you feel you have been banned wrongfully, then you are at the right place. Ban Appeals have to be made within 1 week. Admins are only required to save their demos for 1 week. This prevents our admins from storing too much data and reaching hard drive capacity. NOTE: When appealing your ban...
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    [INFO] PG Ban Appeal Template

    Please, Make sure you use this template when submitting a Ban Appeal. Member Name: Admin who banned you: Ban URL: In-Game Name: Ban Reason: Server you were banned from: Describe the Event: Proof Of Innocence: Happy Gaming! PG Management Team
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    [TUTORIAL] How to record a demo and upload

    HOW RECORD THE DEMO: To start and stop the demo: Open the game console, how to open it? To open the game console, press the "~" key. Where is this key? It's to the left of 1 key. Once you've opened the game console, type "record Nameofthecheater" , without "". When you've recorded and want...
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    [INFO] PG :: When Recording a Demo ::

    Dear PG Admins, I have been reviewing many demos so far and it seems like our Admins don't know the way to record faster. At the beginning of the round, you guys can press "CTRL" on the keyboard and press the FIRST letter of the player's name that you are spectating. Example : You want to spec...

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