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If you feel you have been banned wrongfully, then you are at the right place. Ban Appeals have to be made within 1 week. Admins are only required to save their demos for 1 week. This prevents our admins from storing too much data and reaching hard drive capacity.

When appealing your ban, it is in your best interest to act calm and with the utmost tact as to not offend our Staff+. Admins do make mistakes sometimes but DO NOT start your appeal on the wrong foot by bashing them instantly. Do this and you will most likely stay permanently banned.

How to find your screenshots.

The names of the files will be named after the map you were banned on. For example, if you were banned on de_aztec, the files will be called de_aztec0000.bmp, de_aztec0001.bmp, de_aztec0002.bmp and so forth.

Steam: C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/cstrike/

Non-Steam: C:/Program Files (x86)/Counter-strike/cstrike
Try here too: C:\Users\"username"\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\
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