ICYM/The Lich King - 3rd Unban Appeal

Mar 2, 2019
Member Name: The Lich King.
Admin who banned you: KingHawk^.
Ban URL: huh?
In-Game Name: I have many nicknames, but this time I was banned with the nick "ICYM" again.
Ban Reason: "dont fukin care who talking to u i said scan so scan".
Server you were banned from: The Public Server.

Describe the Event: Ones again I did a random flick shot twice and got 2 lucky kills because of this game's broken hitboxes and bullet/accuracy registry which he thought was aimbotting instantaneously.
Proof Of Innocence: KingHawk, you want me to give you a scan? Sorry, I can't give you one. Why? Because wargods is a damn virus according to my PC which you didn't even let me say.

I could try and deactivate my anti-virus/malware programs but I have TOO MANY anti-virus programs where it would take too long to do it. Besides, I think 1 or 2 of the programs that I use doesn't even let me deactivate them and download wargods.exe

Just leave me alone. How can you hold the title of "Leader of Community" when you keep on banning innocent Steamers on your server? I guess you don't want to foreign Steamers in your community right?

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