ICYM/The Lich King - Unban Appeal

Mar 2, 2019
Member Name: The Lich King.
Admin who banned you: KingHawk^.
Ban URL: I've no idea where to get this.
In-Game Name: I have many nicknames, but this time I was banned with the nick "ICYM".
Ban Reason: "i said scan".
Server you were banned from: The Public Server.
Describe the Event:
After having some fun warming myself up I was instantly placed into spectator and banned after being asked for a scan which was right after I got 1 lucky kill on Mr. Kinghawk. Honestly, he doesn't seem to like me that much from what I can tell, or maybe the reason why he banned me was because he doesn't know what real cheats are.
Proof Of Innocence: Like I said before on my previous appeals or applications; I am totally innocent and I wouldn't want to get a ban on this good old game after playing on it for several years, let alone risk a VAC-ban. I don't mean to brag but I have served as a Owner on many former pakistani communities such as KC, PWG and TG.

Can I have another chance, please? I'm just a casual Steamer who has a slight advantage over others with ping and such when I get a little serious. Even a non-steamer could beat hard at this game because I haven't played in a long time. I hope you understand, whoever reads this at least.


- The Lich King


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