[Admin Report] NOOBHAWK^

Feb 7, 2019
Member Name: Riktom Giri
Admin who banned you: KingHawk^
Ban URL: STEAM_2 : 1 : 219292369 (my steam i.d)
In-Game Name: Pro is back
Ban Reason: ' get lost mf '
Server you were banned from: Emirates-Gaming public 24?7 de_dust2
Describe the Event: Kinghawk^ - making team 11vs 17, transferring to opponent team to whoever he doesn’t like, slaying kicking banning everyone without any issue. When i said “ kinghawk is playing c.s 1.6 for transferring people only he got offended” – taking the fact that i didn’t slanged a bit even. He kept on misusing his powers and slaying me and slanging me. Then banned me without any issue.
Proof Of Innocence: along with the screenshon of the ban reason which is hilarious i wanna ask to the head/ the admins of the server – is this the kind of admins you think will help ur server flourish? Ever played in UGC? Meet their admins – what kinghawk did was totally unprofessional and childish like a 12 year old kid would do when he knewly learned some slangs and games. We play for fun – and this ain’t fun. I was liking the server but after this , it’s negative from me and my friends. It doesn’t matters to u now but i got a higher critic score in gametracker and that ratig over there will matter. Thank you.

BY THE WAY _ IF any of you think he banned me because of me "hacking" - i have my demo recorded. Make him post his demo of the reason he banned me. and i will post my demo. If no steps taken against him no fucks given to your server anyway. I was personally shocked looking at soo many reports against that guy and he is still an admin lol. funny kids Capture.PNG

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